• Konosuba 2’s Vol. 1 Blu-ray release to come bundled with PC game featuring Kazuma

    KonoSuba 2 is now airing and is now making fans laugh their butts off. With every TV anime comes a Blu-ray release, and the anime’s Volume 1 is releasing soon. But did you know that Volume 1’s limited edition version also comes with a special PC game? The game features Kazuma as the main protagonist, and they’ve revealed a PV for it as well!

    Members of the PC Master Race, enjoy! Hey, Kazama can also do Megumin’s signature spell, Explosion, for the game! Game design studio ledybug, designed the side-scrolling game, which is titled “KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world! The Resurrection of Beldia”.

    As for the Blu-ray’s Volume 1 bundle, it also includes audio commentary, scripts, a special booklet, and special packaging. It costs 7,600 yen, and they will be releasing it in Japan on 23rd March. Now, say it with me, EKSUPLOSION!

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