• Type-Moon introduces Fate projects for 2017 in new video

    2017 will be featuring tons of new projects from Type-Moon’s Fate series. Of course, these include two upcoming TV anime and two upcoming films. Now, a new video introduces all these 2017 projects, as well as a few past ones.

    The video first introduces us to the Fate series itself before the other projects. It then introduces the anime projects, both past and future. These include the 2-part anime film, Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel. They also introduced the two 2017 TV anime, Fate/Extra Last Encore and Fate/Apocrypha. These three anime are all tentatively scheduled for sometime later this year. Sakura Saber (Okita Soujiro), Demon Archer (Oda Nobunaga), and Rider (Medusa) hosted the video.

    As mentioned earlier, it also took a look at other projects like last New Year’s Eve’s Fate/Grand order anime special. They also looked at the various games like Fate/Extra and the original visual novels. They also featured ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks TV anime. Though curiously enough, they didn’t even mention the upcoming Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya film…


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