• SMAP idols post farewell messages for fans

    After almost three decades together, SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People) finally broke up last 31 December 2016. While the fans were saddened by the break-up, the members consoled them by releasing special farewell messages online.

    First, they posted their farewell message as a group before posting their individual messages.


    “Everyone’s support has reached us, all of it. We’re taking in everyone’s feelings, all of it. Our gratitude is from the heart, thank you.”

    Masahiro Nakai

    You took care of me… ok?
    It’s “goodbye” then….
    Well then, see you again! alright…?

    Takuya Kimura

    I feel like we were able to get where we are because everyone was there for us,  wishing and waiting for us.
    From here on too, please treat us well.

    Goro Inagaki

    Thank you very much for supporting SMAP and giving us your careful consideration until now.
    The most important thing to me, until now and after now, is all of you.
    With gratitude, Goro Inagaki.

    Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

    Thank you very much for supporting us until now.
    In boring times, and in fun times, I’m together with everyone.
    From now on also, please treat me well.

    Shingo Katori

    I love everyone who supported SMAP
    and SMAP as well,
    Thank you

    The Johnny’s Web smartphone website also posted these messages online.

    The break-up rumors first started out when newspapers reported that four members, Nakai, Kusanagi, Inagaki, and Katori, are leaving Johnny & Associates. The idol group finally came clean and admitted that the break-up rumors were real.

    SMAP formed back in 1988, and performed countless hits in their decades-long career together. The members are continuing onto individual careers, and we wish all of them the best.

    source: Kai-you

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