• Iowa wears a yukata as Kantai Collection celebrates the New Year with new costumes

    Kantai Collection rang in the New Year with a live update, and the PC and smartphone game released new seasonal costumes for some of their ships. This includes a surprising one, as they gave the game’s first American ship, Battleship Iowa, a Japanese makeover.

    I wonder if she forced Kongou or Katori into tying her obi…

    But the freedom and burger-loving and hyperactive American battleship wasn’t the only one given a Japanese New Year costume. The staff also gave other ships the Japanese New Year makeover, and here they are:

    Destroyer Yamakaze

    American Fast Battleship Iowa

    Light Carrier Houshou

    Seaplane Tender Akitsushima

    Of course, those ship girls who got their New Year yukata also got their costumes again for this year. The staff also added several limited-time quests, as well as new furniture. They also gave several ship girls New Year voice lines, and they also removed the Christmas costumes.

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