• It is a two-dimensional Christmas!

    How is everyone celebrating Christmas this year? Has anyone managed to accomplish the Amagami Challenge this year?


    For some of us it might be same lonely year again, planning out your new year’s resolution in front of your computer or spending time with friends of the same gender. Hopefully this Christmas post from us at WOWJAPAN can help to brighten up this day for you!

    It’s still the best to spend Christmas with your 2D waifus right? Isn’t it best to have them dressed up in Christmas costumes to accompany you?

    How about starting off with some twitter celebrations.

    Staying at home might be a little boring. Akihabara on Christmas eve was packed with waves of people, buying christmas presents, spending time and shopping. Let us take a look at some decorations prepared for this festive season.

    What’s a celebration without food? Collaboration food at its best, “Anime Sugar” comes back this year with these amazing cakes. They also have a showcase set up at UDX Akihabara to welcome you.

    So did we make your Christmas more interesting this year? It will soon be the end of the year and WOWJAPAN hopes that you will continue supporting us next year!

    And of course, Merry Christmas!

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