• Hollywood is adapting Naruto into a live-action movie, and Masashi Kishimoto is actually involved

    Hollywood has been looking more and more into anime and manga as of late, and the latest one they will be adapting into a live-action movie is none other than Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto. The Jump Festa event officially made the announcement, and the official Shonen Jump twitter page, @shonenjump, confirmed it.


    The official twitter page then added that “Kishimoto Sensei involved with the production and is really excited.” Lionsgate, the studio behind The Hunger Games, is producing the film. They also announced that Michael Gracey will be the man tasked with directing the film.

    The event did not announce any more details about the film. The movie’s announcement has divided some die-hard Naruto fans. As expected, several fans were unhappy, mainly because of bad adaptations like Dragon Ball Evolution. However, with the series creator himself actually involved, some fans are more optimistic. Previously, Hollywood movies did little to consult Japanese creators like what they did for Dragon Ball.

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    • Let me guess the character is going to be white washed ?.

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      It’s obvious Hollywood classified us as an idiotic, satanic people with mental disorder who spent million dollars to buy their delusional girlfriend, ever since the first Transformers and Dragonball Evolution was made!

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    • Yes now we can see teen naruto with his adult haircut and his sakura with black hair just like he wanted the original to be.

    • Well…Let’s hope with Kishimoto san’s involvement…it will actually be “proper”…unlike Ghost in the shell’s live action…but we’ll see how it turns out…

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