• Fans are now getting sick of these five anime scenarios

    If you watch a lot of anime, you would know that there are a lot of series that basically have the same stories. Sometimes, there are scenarios which have become all too common, and fans are getting sick of them.

    Japanese student portal, Student MyNavi, recently polled 269 college students (129 male and 140 female). They chose students who regularly watch anime or read manga and asked them which were the common anime scenarios they were most tired of seeing. With Makoto Shinkai’s your name. becoming a huge hit, the #1 is a bit surprising.


    1) Body Swapping

    While Body Swapping really is one of the central themes in your name., the trope is actually quite common in anime. Several other anime also used the scenario, including Birdy the Mighty and Kokoro Connect. One female voter even said “You know what’s going to happen,” and seems that she doesn’t want to sit through another anime with it as a theme.

    2) Time Travel

    The time travel trope is not only common throughout Japanese animation, but throughout fiction itself. And yes folks, your name also featured this trope as one of its themes. Time Travel is actually quite intriguing. It has been featured from Doraemon to Dragon Ball to Re:Zero, many fans have felt that the scenario has been used too much.

    3) Harems

    Admit it, when you saw the title, you saw this one coming! Many people have grown tired of too much harem anime already. One voter even lamented that “They’re almost all exactly the same,” and that’s how many viewers see the genre.

    4) Alternate world stories

    These days, alternate world anime have become really common. Like Time Travel, this applies not only to Japanese animation, but fiction in its entirety. One voter said that “They’re boring, since you know what’s going to happen next,” while another added that “Eventually some god-like being makes an appearance, and that just spoils the fun.”

    5) Bringing characters back from the dead

    The Aegis Gundam just locked itself into the Strike Gundam and then exploded, surely that Kira Yamato guy died, right? NOPE. The Freedom Gundam was just stabbed in the cockpit by the Impulse Gundam, surely Kira Yamato has finally met his end, right? NOPE. The fact that Kira Yamato has come back from the dead on more than one occasion has already resulted in fans nicknaming him “Jesus Yamato”, for always “rising up from the grave”. This scenario is quite common in anime, and clearly, fans are also tired of it. Of course, you could also count Dragon Ball’s Krillin and Yamcha.

    Source: Rocket News 24

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    • om telolet om

    • Nonetheless, “Your Name” is still a great anime and the sample size from these voters doesn’t represent the majority of anime audience as a whole either.

    • After reading the post i was wondering what do they want than? Almost shut down everything from an anime.

      • Lets do the witch hunt based on the tropes listed in TV Tropes.
        They have list with a lot of storytelling elements that has been used in more than one work.

      • Is there any other trending anime with body swapping arc other than your name, kokoro connect, and yamada?

      • Not really. Most are small title manga AFAIK, not the very famous kind.
        Even Kokoro Connect’s body swap is only for the first arc, after that they got different pranks befalling on them.

        It’s just the bad effect that Kimi no Na wa’s exposure give to the genre.

    • :’D

    • Maybe need to be more specific, don’t want harem with an oblivious main

      • or maybe even more specific, dont want harem anime with shitty plot that is just all sorts of different background and setting with the main plos is only want to complete harem ㄟ(▔ ,▔)ㄏ

      • Trinity Seven is best harem
        Why settle with one when you can have everyone?

    • please….if u dont like it try making an anime urself, i dare u all haters out there

    • Harems with dense MC are just too much….

      We need someone like arata or issei more….

    • Your name pls.

    • Exactly. I got some friends who always come to me and ask for anime similar with sao, or IS, hundred, and so on. I’ve been thinking this whole time; arent those guys tired of the same theme again and again?

    • Haha rezero? Seriously? I don’t think this retarded people can expect what will happen to subaru lol

      • Don’t get baited by the pics used by Wow Japan. RocketNews article even used non-anime pictures for illustration.

        See it broadly because the survey is about genre and not specific title.

        Sometime, authors can pull out something surprising, but in general, if you are stuffed with so much information the internet era provide, you starts to be able to see common patterns in storytelling.

        Frankly, the Isekai genre need a stop and cooldown period. There has been so many of these kind of story lately, be it teleported, or reincarnated (Truck-san sends his regard).

        Not to mention the old unending disease of Mary Sue storytelling.

        A cool down period with other tropes for variation would help to keep audience from getting sick of one overused trope.

      • Don’t get baited.
        AFA is the one who say Re:Zero, but survey respondents are talking about the Isekai genre in general. There’s too many of them these days.

        I heard that Kadokawa even banned the genre from qualification requirement for their award to keep it from flooding the list.

      • Lois Arnando exactly. I’m very annoyed at AFA actually, I expect them to have better taste in the links they share

      • Ken Lim CMIIW, Wow Japan is affiliated with AFA.

        The original English article in RocketNews actually use illustrations that seems to be taken from movies (with real human) instead of anime.
        Haven’t checked the original Japanese article in MyNavi, but probably text only to save them from trouble of dealing with copyright.

    • Have these “voters” actually watched your name? It’s been considered for the academy award for animated film with good reasons. Not really a very good article to share when the sample size is this small

      • Well, we need to see the original poll result in MyNavi.
        Despite WowJapan using Kimi no Na wa pic (it’s popular work from author with passionate followers, so it works well as bait), the article in RocketNews mentioned that the poll itself is more broad, “genre” instead of directed to a specific title.

        In my opinion, Body Swapping trope itself is not that overused compared to others, and I don’t even watch Kimi no Na wa.

        But with the currently trending Kimi no Na wa, it’s easy to quickly think of that element. When filling poll, people usually answer with what passed in their mind, they don’t have days to gather information. Unfortunately, interest, timing, mood, all can skew any survey result if it’s not planned to force that volatile part out.
        It’s like surveying who is your waifu, this season.
        Or how AFA’s visitor survey about who to be invited, will likely be skewed to the recent most hyping titles, and artists related to it, rather than a title that’s several years old. Unless if they target older demography who appreciate “legends” and nostalgia value.

      • Also, those voters speak as if body swap accounts for 20% of anime. Pretty certain it doesn’t even make up 5%.

    • We need good story, not a lot of fanservice

    • I like what the columnists in ANN call “floodgate title”.
      When one title works and hit success, all hell breaks loose.

      Moreover, there are trend these days where publishers seems to look for “sure hit” title “with its own following”. They try to find amateur titles that’s already popular enough and bring it to mainstream rather than scouting and invest on it right from the beginning.
      I think, venture capital world call it “Accelerator” rather than “Incubator”

      Vocaloid-song-based titles as example. But the recent case might be SAO, and then hell breaks loose with these non-profession writers’ works got published and even getting anime adaptation.
      Either, publishers saw certain genre as popular, then keep hunting for the same kind of work; or authors saw it as way to fame and write story in that genre (or simply the good old chicken-or-egg devil’s circle).

      • The “typicalness” is still fine (YMMV).

        Problem is when they can’t tone down the Mary-Sue element in the story, making the main protag almighty and other supporting character merely to glorify them. That’s when things became disgusting. Hard to strike balance and give everyone important enough role (and not just as shock-death stock for sake of cheap “character development” tragedy).

    • ecchi. . .

    • Pls make Youkai Shoujo into an anime :v One my favorite harem manga I’m following. Shounen spirit is stronk

    • i am fine with harem but hate when mc dense lv999999999999999

    • Original sources said its based on a merely 269 college students, barely actuate on any cases

    • Don’t be limited by 5.
      There’s literally thousands of other “overused scenario”

    • But I like Kira… 😞

    • Overused cliches since 2004

    • People are getting all riled up because of the anime series used as the example picture. It’s just the overarching theme, not a criticism targeted on said anime.


    • me too.
      I want something like Mushoku Tensei, Tate Yuusha, Word Meister, etc… (wonder why those kind of novel never got animated?) :/

      its always the magic school genre… :/

      • cuz people don’t know good even if it hits them flat on the face.

      • Cos even masterpieces like Mx0 was killed. The japs sometimes can’t identify their golden goose.

      • yeah… Mx0 was great… but in the end… :/
        same with Pretty Face (same mangaka)….

      • As for now they’re getting commercial label novel publishing and manga adaptation. Give them time.
        Magic school genre don’t get to their state now in one night 🙂

    • Benjaminlikes Nijigen these “fans” obviously havent seen much anime lol

    • Here’s is what the article should consist of:
      -MC is a transfer student
      -MC accidentally grope/ saw nude of a girl who just happened to be FMC
      -A duel between the 2 to resolve the conflict
      -MC and FMC befriends after duel
      -MC’s cute childhood friend who loves him is in the same schl.
      -The president of school council (female) loves him too.
      -A main villian with vague or no background.
      -‘Hidden power inside the body all along’ ex machina for the MC when almost defeated by a powerful foe.
      -Main villian MIA after a powerful foe who serves as a ‘final boss’ in the last few eps is defeated by the heroes.

    • <3

    • lol. Harem anime > all

    • harem : check!
      childhood friend : check!
      strong male hormone : check!
      strong oniichan hormone : check!
      literally chick/trouble magnet : check!
      absurd plot for getting all the chick : check!
      yeah with all those is the key to “successful” anime!..all the anime producers ever think.
      producers mainly make a judgement based on statistics so it’s not weird for them always milking “harem with brick MC” genre

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    • Good evening

    • Your Name is bae. Seriously watch it.