• JSDF uses the power of moe anime girls to recruit members

    The Japan Self Defense Force or JSDF has been partnering with several military anime to help recruit members, such as Girls und Panzer, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, High School Fleet (Haifuri), and GATE. However, it seems that their Kisarazu Base in also using some original characters to get men and women to serve and protect Japan.


    The base’s own 4th Anti-Tank Helicopter Unit is protected by a Cobra Attack Helicopter decorated with anime girl decals featuring one of the base’s image girls, Kisarazu Akane. Another one is Kisarazu Wakana.

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    There are other moe-themed helicopters in the base too!

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    Hey, even Akane’s stats were given out… though her bust-waist-hip measurements were listed as a “national secret”.


    And then there are those official recruitment posters of theirs, featuring the mascots for their ground forces, navy, and air force. There are also official tie-ins with some military anime like Haifuri and GATE.

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    Source: Kotaku

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