• Pokemon turned into works of culinary art by Thai cook

    2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. As the world is celebrating two decades of the beloved multimedia franchise, which includes video games, anime, manga, and an upcoming live-action Hollywood movie, a fan from Thailand, peaceloving_pax , is showing some Pokelove with some adorable artistic foods inspired by the franchise.

    Adorable, huh? From Pikachu to Jogglypuff to Eevee to Glaceon to Pikachu, and even Magikarp, peaceloving_pax has shown that Pokemon food is just absolutely cute. And there are even a few crossovers with “My Neighbor, Totoro!” Gotta Eat’em all, right?

    For more wonderful creations, you can catch this Thai Food Wonder’s works via Facebook and instagram.

    Source: Rocket News 24

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