• New Pokemon Sun and Moon anime announced for November

    Pokemon is adding a 7th generation, and as expected, with every new generation comes a brand new anime, which is called Pokemon Sun & Moon. However, this new anime seems to be adding something that hasn’t been actually done in the previous two decades… Ash actually going to school!

    Here is what the scan from Shogakukan’s upcoming Monthly Coro Coro Comic has to say about the announcement:

    Ash Is Going To School!!

    It’s the start of student life that hasn’t existed until now.

    Is he aiming for graduation?!

    Previous Pokemon anime have actually featured schools, or were set in schools, however, this new anime would actually really be following Ash’s life as a student, and not just adventuring as a Pokemon-Master-to-be. It also promises new characters and new Pokemon… because of course!

    The scan also revealed that the new Pokemon Sun & Moon anime will be premiering in November 2016. And here we are still wondering whether Ash will finally stop losing and actually win a Pokemon League Championship. Maybe going to school and learning some new skills might actually help him with that.

    source: Kotaku

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    • A few things to note:-

      1. In the previous series XY&Z, Ash made it to the finals. With a few exceptions, he’s always been in either the Top 8 or Top 16 in a league.
      2. In the final round, it was Ash-Greninja VS Mega Charizard X. Both forms are considered equivalent to each other, Mega Charizard X suffered more damage than Ash-Greninja, Ash-Greninja had the type advantage and both their final attacks, from a visual standpoint, were considered equal in power and collided with each other. Yet, Ash-Greninja seemingly fainted while Mega Charizard X was still alive.
      3. From the badass XY&Z where Ash is actually at his most competent, we’re getting what looks to be a light-hearted series with a goofy-looking design and look for Ash.

      Yes, I am very very bitter.