• Kantai Collection gets festive with new festival CGs in new game update

    Kantai Collection’s summer 2016 event has just ended, and with several admirals now having their own British Battleship named Warspite, it’s now time for a festival! Japan’s festival season has now begun, and KanColle is going with that theme, together with new festival-themed costumes and furniture. These are the ship girls getting new yukata or festival CGs:

    Destroyer Bucky Fubuki

    DD_Fubuki_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full DD_Fubuki_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Fubuki Kai Ni

    DD_Fubuki_Kai_Ni_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full DD_Fubuki_Kai_Ni_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Asashimo

    DD_Asashimo_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full DD_Asashimo_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Akizuki

    DD_Akizuki_Yukata_Full DD_Akizuki_Yukata_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Shiratsuyu

    DD_Shiratsuyu_Yukata_Full DD_Shiratsuyu_Yukata_Full_Damaged

    Light Cruiser Yura

    CL_Yura_Yukata_Full CL_Yura_Yukata_Full_Damaged

    Now, wouldn’t it be interesting if we see some of the foreign ships like Iowa, Prinz Eugen, Aquila, and Warspite getting a Japanese festival costume, huh? There’s also a new CG update for the Kai form one of KanColle’s starter ships, Sazanami.

    DD_Sazanami_Kai_232_Full DD_Sazanami_Kai_232_Full_Damaged

    The new update also brings forth new quests, furniture, and equipment CGs. Here’s how my festive new Admiral’s Office with a few of the new festival additions.

    [Leonidas] 2016-09-05 08-57-43 94

    Dammit Bucky! Well, at least they didn’t forget you “watch”/anti-air fire director anymore.

    images via KanColle Wikia

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