• Digimon Adventure tri. part 3 gets new ad

    Before Digimon Adventure tri.’s third part, “Confession,” premiered, Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel has started streaming a brand new TV ad to tease fans about the new movie.


    Part 3 premiered in Japanese theaters last 24th November, and is scheduled to be shown for three weeks. Previously, Toei teased part 3 with a music video of Yamato’s in-story band, Knife of Day, performing the song, “For Me”, which also serves as the anime film’s ED song.

    The anime film is being shown in theaters in Japan before it gets to beĀ released on home video this November 2016.

    Digimon Adventure tri. follows the original eight DigiDestined children who are now in high school (Takeru and Hikari are still in middle school). The film continues from where the story of Part 2 left off.


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    • browman fiscara

      Watch Digimon Adventure tri Part 3: Confession Full Sub English (Kokuhaku)

      Full subtitled to english. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

      I really don’t unterstood that part about “Ama no jaku”. I understand the meanings of that word, but it don’t have any sense in the Taichi and others conversation. So…! If someone have more information about it, please let me know!