• Top Anime of Spring 2016

    The Spring season is officially over! (Well, it has been over for at least over a week now.)


    During this season, I found myself gravitating away from the action genre more than I usually do. The allure of this season’s slice-of-life is far more potent than it usually is, with content that has so much more life to it compared to the action genre of anime this season.

    The action genre had only one really huge standout from the others, which you can probably guess by now what it was.

    Well, without further ado, I present to you readers my top anime of the Spring season!

    Right off the bat, we start with one of this season’s best action anime, Boku no Hero Academia.

    This one was an easy pick when I had to compare against all the other action anime this season, including Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.

    From start to finish, Boku no Hero Academia’s story is an interesting ride. Being able to see Izuku Midoriya‘s origins as a hero that inherits the quirk of “One for All” from All-Might.

    The thing that I find really nice about this anime is the fact that Midoriya did not become an overpowered hero the moment he gains the quirk from All-Might. Through the season you see him suffer, learn his fears and see him overcome his limitations and grow ever-so-closer to becoming like All-Might.

    The animation work of BONES is just amazing in this, the animation for every battle scene looks as amazing as the scenes found in the manga. Every motion of the character looks fluid and smooth, leaving me satisfied after watching each battle.

    On another note, everytime I see Midoriya use his quirk, or more specifically when I see the animation for his quirk, it always looks extremely painful. The color and the animation work that BONES decided to use was really spot on, using red as the base color, which looks very visceral on screen.

    For accuracy to the manga, it is pretty much spot-on, following the manga almost scene-by-scene.

    Been anticipating a good manga-to-anime adaption, was not disappointed.

    Next up is my personal favorite of the season, flying witch.

    As I stated above earlier, I found myself liking this season’s slice-of-life anime more than the action anime this season. Stuff like Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge, Sansha SanyouANNE HAPPY and of course flying witch.

    However, out of all these titles, the one that I prefer the most still has to be flying witch. It doesn’t give off the same vibe as the others stated above, and involves very little school life. Each episode is pretty much a standalone episode, with very little plot points connecting each episode together.

    The episodes themselves are also relatively chilled, very much in the same vein as Non Non Biyori, but with the addition of magic. Just like Non Non Biyori, the comedy is also pretty on point, and is not dragged out too long. The jokes themselves are also as chilled as the anime is, warranting only a chuckle most the time, with the occasional hard laugh.

    The character animation is not really amazing, but is still pretty well polished and very defined. Focus is given more towards the environment and background, which to me is what give this anime its much needed volume.

    It’s good to see J.C. Staff do something other than their usual action anime every once in awhile, it was really pleasant to have been able to watch such a nice and laid-back show once every few seasons, especially since the last few seasons were not exactly spectacular to begin with.

    Sadly, this kind of show will probably not be able to reach mass appeal, since the niche of slice-of-life anime are usually only reserved for those that can appreciate it.

    Every season, I watch a large variety of shows, in fact, I almost watch every one of them. It’s hard to find those that I really like simply because at the end, it is all subjective. What I like may not be what someone else’s like. I found these two the real standout for me simply due to it being able to constantly keep me entertained throughout the season.

    Of course, this does not include my current absolute favorite this season which is Re:Zero, simply because it is not done airing yet, and that there are still so much content the anime has to deliver.

    This season had quite the number of original content that is not based off a manga, light novel or a game. The original shows that have aired this season were generally quite good. Which makes me hopeful for anime production companies to be willing to invest and take a gamble in making original content.

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