• J-Rock band, Customi Z announces break-up

    After rocking out fans with their latest single, “Coolest,” which served as the OP song for “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto,” J-rock band, Customi Z, announced that they are breaking up. They also revealed that they will be holding their final concert next month.


    The band members went on a meeting and discussed their future expectations. In that meeting, they decided to go their separate ways, with vocalist/guitarist GORO, still staying as a musician, and will now be performing under the name, Goro Kurihara. Two of the other band members, Bassist HIROKI and drummer DAICHI will also be staying in showbiz.


    Customi Z will be holding their final concert, called “Customi Z Final Live ~We are Team Z!~”, on 26th August, at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo.

    The band has performed several AniSongs themselves, including theme songs for Shonen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49-, Knights of Sidonia: War of the Ninth Planet, K: Return of Kings.

    Source: Customi Z official

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