• [GAMES] Check out Overwatch's Japanese voice cast

    Blizzard’s new Shooter (which has waifus!!!!!), Overwatch, has taken the gaming world by storm, with many players (including yours truly) being quite addicted and already having our their favorites. The game is being distributed in Japan by Square Enix (Final Fantasy franchise), and they have brought together quite an impressive voice cast, and some of the seiyuu are ones that you might know of.

    • Winston – Atsushi Imaruoka (Log Horizon’s Demiqas)
    • Reaper –  Ryota Takeuchi
    • Widowmaker – Shizuka Itou (Hayate the Combat Butler!’s Hinagiku Katsura and A Certain series’ Kaori Kanzaki)
    • Tracer – Emiri Katou – BakeTest’s Hideyoshi Kinoshita and Monogatari’s Mayoi Hachikuji

    • Soldier 76 – Tooru Ookawa (Full Metal Alchemist’s Roy Mustang)
    • Hanzo – Shuhei Sakaguchi (Fairy tail’s Doranbalt)
    • Genji – Yoshihisa Kawahara (Fairy tail’s Bickslow)

    • D.Va – Risa Taneda (Beyond the Boundary’s Mirai Kuriyama and GATE’s Rory Mercury)
    • Pharah –  Romi Park (Full Metal Alchemist’s Edward Elric and Attack on Titan’s Hange Zoe)
    • Zarya – Mitsuki Saiga (Full Metal Alchemist’s Maria Ross)
    • Mei – Lynn (Haifuri’s Mashiro Munetani)
    • Mercy – Sayaka Ohara (Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet and Fate’s Irisviel von Einzbern)
    • Symmetra –  Hitomi Nabatame (OreImo’s Saori Bajeena)

    • McCree – Juurouta Kosugi (Zenki’s Zenki and Naruto’s Asuma Sarutobi)
    • Junkrat – Hiroki Gotou (Assassination Classroom’s Nobuta Tanaka)
    • Roadhog – Naomi Kusumi (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Jack the Ripper)
    • TORBJÖRN – Binbin Takaoka (Divine Gate’s Gareth)
    • Zenyatta – Mammoth Nishio
    • Lucio – Kazuyuki Okitsu (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Jonathan Joestar)
    • Reinhardt – Kenji Nomura (SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors’s Sousou Gundam)

    Bastion, that not-so-lovable robot which spews bullets and SALT all over has no seiyuu, as it just deals death with only robotic clicks and screeches.


    So, who is your favorite Overwatch character? For the guys, I’d pick Winston, Reinhardt, or McCree, but for the girls, it’s definitely the perky Tracer for me.

    Source: SGCafe

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