• World of Warships x ARPEGGIO Collaboration Stage III + Special Newcomer Campaign

    Good news for fans of World of Warships and ARPEGGIO! The third stage of the collaboration between WoWs and ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA- is upon us!


    This time, the two new Fleet of Fog warships that have been added are the battleship Kirishima and heavy cruiser Haguro!

    To unlock these warships, you have to complete the new sets of ARPEGGIO Challenge missions, which comes in stages.

    On top of receiving the warships upon completion of some stages in the missions, there are also further stages where you can unlock the Mental Models for these two ships, along with Haruna and even Kirishima in her Yotaroh form.

    The event began back on 1 April 2016, and will end 9 May 2016.

    There are two missions that require completion in order to receive everything above – ARP Haguro + ARP Kirishima Challenge and Commander Kirishima Challenge. Each mission has a number of stages, and each stage unlocks specific rewards.

    Being someone who has played (and bought in-game ships for) WoWs, and also a big fan of the ARPEGGIO anime series, I’m really excited to complete these challenges. My opinion is that this addition did not break the gameplay because the ships are balanced against the current line up of existing ships, costed nothing and are pretty easy to get if you dedicate some time into completing the event missions.

    The “ARP Haguro + ARP Kirishima Challenge” mission rewards are as follows:

    • ARP Haguro + ARP Kirishima Challenge (Stage 1)
      • Commander “Haruna” + 3 Skill Points
    • ARP Haguro + ARP Kirishima Challenge (Stage 2)
      • Tier V battleship “ARP KIRISHIMA” w/o Commander x 1
      • Port Slot x 1
    • ARP Haguro + ARP Kirishima Challenge (Stage 3)
      • Signal Flag “Hotel Zulu” x 10
    • ARP Haguro + ARP Kirishima Challenge (Stage 4)
      • Tier VII cruiser “ARP HAGURO” x 1
      • Commander “Haguro” + 5 Skill Points
      • Port Slot x 1

    The “Commander Kirishima Challenge” mission rewards are as follows:

    • Commander Kirishima Challenge (Stage 1)
      • Commander “Kirishima”
    • Commander Kirishima Challenge (Stage 2)
      • Signal Flag “Hotel Zulu”
    • Commander Kirishima Challenge (Stage 3)
      • Commander “Kirishima (Yotaroh)” + 5 Skill Points

    Special Newcomers Campaign

    However, if you are a fan of ARPEGGIO and want the ships, but have never played World of Warships before, do not fret, there is also a special newcomers campaign to welcome fans of both the anime and manga series alike!

    For a limited time, new players will be given a free ARPEGGIO ship and even a commander that appeared in the previous collaboration stage.

    New players who are logging/have logged in to World of Warships for the first time after 29 February 2016, 15:00 (UTC+8) may earn “ARP Kirishima” and Commander “Iona” for free by researching any Tier V ship from any nation in game (Japan, USA, Russia and Germany).

    It is not possible to unlock the warship and the Commander by purchasing a Premium Ship off the Premium shop, you will have to use your own effort and grind to Tier V in order to unlock the ship.

    However, don’t worry about the grind, since getting to Tier V is relatively easy.

    Why should you play World or Warships?

    Personally, I found the game mechanics really interesting, it does require quite a bit of brain power to sink your enemies while outmaneuvering them concurrently. It may sound difficult, but, once you understand how to gauge distances and predict the movements of your opponents, like a true naval elite, it becomes much easier and natural to execute.

    Also, why would you not want to take command of a mighty warship from the World War II era?

    You can read more about this campaign on Wargaming’s event site.


    New users can now use the invite code, RUCA16, to the following bonus when creating their World of Warships account,

    • 500 Doubloons (WoW’s premium currency)
    • 100 signal flag (10 for each)
    • 1 Dianna ship + slot (A tier 2 Russian ship and an exclusive premium ship!!)

    Once again the code is,


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