• Japanese Companies Celebrate April Fools' 2016 [Part 1]

    April Fools is a fun that that is celebrated all over the world with big companies including Google, Ikea and others taking part. Of course, the anime and otaku industry in Japan wouldn’t miss out on taking part in this annual tradition of coming up with pranks for the occasion.

    These are some of the stuff that Japanese companies chose to pull off this year.

    Starting with the Fate/Grand Order mobile game, in-game character arts were replaced with the chibi characters from Riyo.


    Show by Rock!‘s official website announces a new anime, titled Mahou Shojou Plasmagica, which is set to air on the 69th day of the 69th month.


    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk official website announced that zombies had invaded the academic city. Titled Asterisk of the Dead, visitors to the website were treated with a mini-shooting game where the goal is to hunt down zombies with only 20 rounds.


    The official website for the second season of Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri announced a new spin-off work, titled Mahou Shoujo Ai Senshi Rory: Isekai Shoukan-hen, telling the story of Rory Mercury before the events of Gate.

    The choice of Rory Mercury is due to her taking the first place in the recent character poll conducted.


    The official website for Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? unveiled a new work, Kaitou Lapin: The Phantom Thief Lapin, the secret identity of Sharo Kirima takes up when she is not working part-time.

    Working!! announced multiple new anime adaptations, in which one of them was a real ongoing project.

    • Firstly, Blade★Working12909481_999881353433791_293278934320192874_o
    • Working!! Etoile12719626_999881366767123_5292750215750665251_o
    • Kidou Kantai Working11257729_999881300100463_7062369368517742475_o
    • Ginban no Working11146628_999881320100461_556395850531442478_o
    • Working of the Deadmain-visual-img01

    and lastly, the real announcement, WWW.Working!, based of the manga’s web comic edition.

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