• [ANIME] Animators and mangaka greet anime characters who celebrated their birthdays on 3 March

    3 March is an anime character birthday bonanza, with several popular anime characters celebrating their birthdays. So with many anime and manga characters having their own birthday celebrations, it comes to no surprise as many of the people who have worked on their respective series, including the mangaka who created the series, are celebrating the occasion… with artworks! Some fans also threw their hat in the celebrations as well.

    Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul

    Ryuunosuke Tanaka from Haikyuu!

    Komachi Hikigaya from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

    Marika Tachibana from Nisekoi

    Mitsuki Izumi from IDOLish7

    Mio Naganohara from Nichijou

    Sakura Matou from Fate (actually celebrates her birthday on 2 March, not 3 March, but what the heck?)

    Kanon from The World God Only Knows

    Azura/ Aqua from Fire Emblem

    So to all the celebrants, belated Happy Birthday!

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