• [RANDOM] Lotte's chewing gum get a Bishounen Shinsengumi make-over


    The sword boys trend in Japan is really giving the ship girls trend a run for their money, as series like Touken Ranbu and Hakuouki have proven to be very popular, especially among women. Back in 2014, candy brand, Lotte, jumped into the fray with their own sword boys, this time, turning their chewing gum brands into members of the Shinsengumi!


    They are called Gum Kare, or “Gum Boys,” and since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, Lotte has released new videos of them, but this time, they have a new villain named “Glamour,” who is voiced by none other than Jun Fukuyama, and worst of all, he is trying to kidnap a tooth!

    Only the Bum Boys can stop him, and they are being reintroduced in brand new videos.

    Coolmint, a.k.a. Kuuru Hijikata

    ACUO a.k.a. Akuo Okita

    GREEN GUM a.k.a. Gurin Yamanami

    Xylitol a.k.a. Kishirito Saito

    Fit’s a.k.a. Fuitsu Toudou

    Black Black a.k.a. Burakku Harada

    Lotte is also showing a special story video online, which hints that this may not be the last time we see Glamour.

    Source: Rocket News 24

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