• [MUSIC]Heavy Object OP and ED by ALL OFF and Yuka Iguchi!


    With the new year finally kicking in, most of the currently airing Anime from the past year will have fresh new Opening and Ending themes. One such show is the adaptation of the light novel Mecha series Heavy Object! The new OP will be done by band ALL OFF and the ED will have seiyuu singer Yuka Iguchi in charge.

    As mentioned earlier, ALL OFF will be in charge of the new opening song titled “Never Gave Up”. The single will be released on February 10th and will retail at 1,500 Yen. The CD will have two versions, an Anime Version and an Artist Version. To celebrate the release, ALL OFF will be having a release event in Tokyo as well as Live Tour around Japan. Purchasing the single at Tower Records will net a special sticker.

    Here’s the PV which went online just a last month, check it out!

    The ending theme song by Yuka Iguchi will be titled Owaranai Tsuyosa. Also her 6th single, this new single is scheduled to be released on February 17th at a base price of 1,200 yen. As part of a collaboration work, Owaranai Tsuyosa was composed and edited by toku of GARNiDELiA.

    The CD will have 2 other versions. The First Print edition will be going for 1,800 and it will have the full version of the Music Video, the making of, a special first print version of the Yuka Iguchi trading card, and a ticket for a Yuka Iguchi event.. The Anime version, going for 1,600 yen, will have the Heavy Object creditless ED and a music video for the 2nd track in the album, in flames. 

    Purchasing this single at Animate, Gamers, Tora no Ana, Sofmap, Tsutaya, HMV, Tower Records or Amazon wil net an exclusive Yuka Iguchi trading card. Also, buying this from any of the above stores except Amazon will net you a B2 poster.

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