• [GAMES] The Evolution of The [email protected] from 2005 – 2016

    In 2005, Namco Games introduced an arcade game which would go on to later revolutionize the idol genre, not only in games, but in anime as well. That game was called The [email protected], and with the latest game, Platinum Stars, now being slated for release later this year, one fan decided to compare the graphics of the game across the years – from its first inception back in 2005 for arcades, to the upcoming Platinum Stars game for the PS4.



    Twitter user, @doya72, compared the graphics of 765 Pro’s Haruka Amami, and compared what she looks like in the previous games, which basically looks at how the graphics evolved through the years:

    The [email protected] (Arcade)


    Unspecified game (most probably The [email protected] 2 for the Xbox 360)

    imas 2

    The [email protected]: One For All (PlayStation 3)

    imas 3

    The [email protected]: Platinum Stars (PlayStation 4)

    imas 4

    Now that is evolution! A new scan taken from Weekly Famitsu Magazine has also revealed what all 13 765 Pro idols will look like for Platinum Stars, which will be released for the PlayStation 4 later this year:

    imasscan0 imasscan1

    Now compare how they look like in the scans with how the 765 Pro idols looked like in the previous games:

    The [email protected] (Arcade)

    i1 1

    The [email protected] 2 (Xbox 360)

    i2 1 L2Hsi

    The [email protected]: One For All (PlayStation 3)

    imas-16 idolmaster-one-for-all-03 OFA 1

    The differences are astounding, right? It’s no wonder the series has lasted this long!

    Source: Rocket News 24