• [ANIME] 3rd One Punch Man OVA to focus on Sonic, first 30 seconds streamed

    The third One Punch Man Blu-Ray/ DVD volume is about to be released later this month, and it will be coming bundled with the anime’s third OVA. This release will focus on the lightning-fast ninja known as Sonic, who coincidentally is also featured in the DVD/ Blu-Ray box. They also started streaming the first 30 seconds of the OVA:

    Poor ninja, he just can’t take a break! The third OVA is titled “Kojiresugiru Ninja,” which will be an original anime-only story written by One Punch Man creator and co-mangaka, ONE. It will follow Sonic as he deals with the aftermath of suffering the taste of defeat for the first time at the hands of one certain Caped Baldy.


    Both the Blu-ray and DVD editions of One Punch man’s Vol. 3 will be released on 24 February, and they will also include commentary from three of the anime’s seiyuus, Makoto Furukawa (Saitama),Kaito Ishikawa (Genos), and Yuuki Kaji (Sonic).


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