• [JAPAN] Universal Studios Japan shows how Attack on Titan characters might look like in real life

    As part of their limited-time-only Cool Japan exhibition, Universal Studios Japan is featuring several attractions from five of the most recognizable names in Japanese pop culture, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Evangelion, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Attack on Titan.


    This will be the second time they are doing this, and that includes the return of those life-size Attack on Titan statues, which take a “realistic” spin on Hajime Isayama’s beloved characters. While last year featured Mikasa and Armin, and this year added new versions for Eren and Levi.

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    Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft recently visited the exhibition, and while he admired the detail and realism added to these exhibits, he still found them (Armin in particular) kind of unsettling.

    These exhibits, along with the other Cool Japan attractions, are now featured in Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan until 26 June.

    Source: Kotaku

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