• [ENTERTAINMENT] Live-Action Fairy Tail Stage Play Reveals its Natsu Dragneel

    The official website to the live-action stage play adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga has gotten many fans excited, as they have finally revealed their Natsu Dragneel in costume. Natsu is played by D-BOYS actor, Shuuto Miyazaki, who has done some voice acting work as the character Ichimi in Tokyo Ghoul. Needless to say, he looks great as the always-hungry Fire Dragon Slayer.


    The website has also revealed the other actors appearing in the play,though still not in costume. The cast will also include:

    • Atsushi Shiramata as Gray Fullbuster
    • Naoya Gomoto as Brain
    • Yamato Furuya as Midnight
    • Ikkei Yamamoto as Cobra
    • Kento Ono as Hibiki Lates
    • Ren Ozawa as Lyon Vastia
    • Hirofumi Araki as Jellal Fernandes


    The play will run more that 10 shows from 20 April to 9 May, over at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It will be directed by Akiko Kodama, who is definitely no stranger to shounen mangas being turned into live-action stage plays, as he previously directed the live-action Naruto stage play, Live Spectacle Naruto, which was also shown in Singapore last year. More details about the play will be revealed in the days ahead.

    Source: Nijimen


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