• [SINGAPORE] Singapore Media Academy offering Diploma in Animation (Character Design)

    Ever want to be a character designer for an anime or be a successful illustrator? Then there’s some good news for you!

    The Singapore Media Academy has announced that they are teaming up with KADOKAWA Contents Academy Japan to bring a special course to the academy, and it will be handled by an actual Japanese mangaka, Kazumi Suneya. Suneya-san has worked on titles which have been published in various publications such as Weekly Shounen Champion and Young Sunday.

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    The school’s official website introduces this special course as:

    Tapping on the ever-popular Japanese animation and manga culture, this programme imparts the skills of Japan’s original content production to aspiring overseas creators by Japanese practicing professionals.

    Six key modules will equip participants with a range of producing skills from basic illustration to character business marketing.

    The six modules are outlined as:

    MODULE 1


    Acquire the basic skills of using Photoshop, a crucial tool for producing art work, including Pen tablet operations and using ClipStudio to produce Manga.

    Topic 1.1: Photoshop Drawing

    Topic 1.2: Coloring of Photoshop

    Topic 1.3: Photoshop Effect

    Topic 1.4: ClipStudio

    Topic 1.5: Pen Tablet Operation

    MODULE 2


    Learn the basics of drawing using techniques and skills needed to reproduce them digitally.

    Topic 2.1: Reproduction

    Topic 2.2: Tracing

    Topic 2.3: Colour Coordination

    Topic 2.4: Painting Skill

    MODULE 3


    Understand the difference between “drawing” and “producing a character”, the method & importance of producing a character according to customer’s brief.

    Topic 3.1: Character Producing Method

    Topic 3.2: Design

    Topic 3.3: World View of the Story

    MODULE 4


    Learn to draw sceneries, still life and inorganic objects.

    Topic 4.1: Natural Object

    Topic 4.2: Inorganic Object

    Topic 4.3: Background Scenery

    MODULE 5


    Understand the character business market, marketing and licensing.

    Topic 5.1: Character Business

    Topic 5.2: Marketing

    Topic 5.3: License

    MODULE 6


    Project work and lecturer’s review.

    Topic 6.1: Project Work

    Topic 6.2: Lecturer’s Review



    The Diploma in Animation (Character Design) consists of six modules of study.

    Students will be assessed based on their projects and class attendance, while projects review will be assessed by lecturer and percentage of attendance shall be assessed. The course will be worth one year and students will be awarded the Diploma in Animation (Character Design) from  Singapore Media Academy and KADOKAWA Contents Academy Japan, upon successful completion of all modules. The course schedule for the 2016 term is yet to be announced.


    Application Fee: S$53.50 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

    Course Fee: S$16,948.80 (Inclusive of 7% GST)


    • Minimum Age: 17
    • Academic Requirement:
      • GCE ‘O’ Level – Minimum 2 passes including a D7 for English / IELTS overall band score 5 and above; or
      • GCE ‘N’ Level – Minimum 2 passes including a C6 for English / IELTS overall band score 5 and above; or
      • Institute of Technical Education (ITE) – NITEC / Higher NITEC; or
      • Any qualifications equivalent to any of the above.
    • Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements may still apply and will be considered based on –
      • At least 1 year working experience in any industry; and/or
      • Oral Interview or Evaluation Test by Singapore Media Academy to determine suitability for the course

    More information on this course can be found in the school’s official website

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    • Zhuole Lee December 7, 2015 at 4:41 pm

      Yun Shan Lee

    • Zhuole Lee December 7, 2015 at 4:41 pm

      Yun Shan Lee

    • Zhuole Lee December 7, 2015 at 4:41 pm

      Yun Shan Lee

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