• [RANDOM] Kids in China make life-size Detective Conan statues for Sunflowers of Inferno film, but they're kinda creepy

    The latest Detective Conan movie, Flowers of Inferno, was shown in several cinemas in China. As with many countries, many of Detective Conan’s fans are actually kids, and one Chinese theater decided to use life-size statues of Detective Conan characters made by some children from a nearby school to help promote the film. Needless to say, it didn’t go over too well.


    While the statues are getting some excuse for their quality because they were made by children, the statues still managed to draw a few comments from social media, with some fans describing them as scary enough to drive away a few movie goers. It didn’t helped that they were actually placed alongside life-size standees of the Detective Conan characters, which the difference between the character designs and the statue even more apparent.


    However, some people on social media are actually giving praise to these kids from actually being able to complete such statues, and are even excusing them from being way off the intended design. Come on, give these kids a break, making detailed statues are quite hard, even for professional sculptors.

    Source: Kotaku

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