• [ANIME] One Piece -Adventure of Nevlandia- special PV

    The Straw Hat Pirates are taking on the Foxy Pirates once again in another all out battle. However this time, it is set on an island where Devil Fruit-users can’t use their powers! To tease fans with the One Piece anime special, One Piece -Adventure of Nevlandia-, a new PV has been released, and without further ado, here it is:

    The episode will be aired on 19 December, and will feature the theme song titled “Black Make Up,” by Namie Amuro.

    And speaking of One Piece -Adventure of Nevlandia-, Issue #52 of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine has revealed that after the special’s broadcast, there will be a “big announcement.” What could this announcement be about? I guess we will find out on 19 December 2015.


    Source: ANN

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