• [ENTERTAINMENT] Singer UMI☆KUUN cosplays Young Black Jack in the nude

    Singer UMI☆KUUN is taking this Young Black Jack gig of his very seriously. Not only is the young Japanese heartthrob singing the OP song for the prequel anime to Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga,”I am Just Feeling Alive”,  but he has also cosplayed the young doctor-in-training. He has shown so much dedication, that he even went nude for it. Ladies, you might want to hold your breaths for this one…



    The image of the singer in the nude as the younger version of Black Jack, Kuroo Hazama, is actually taken from an illustration made by mangaka Yuugo Ookuma, the very mangaka behind Young Black Jack.


    The cosplay shoot is the first time the singer has worn special effects makeup, and it apparently took approximately two whole hours just for all that make-up to be applied and have him ready for the shoot. The skin in the top image is actually visual effects, and the staff has admitted that they had a tough time in making the skin look realistic to match Ookuma-sensei’s illustration. UMI☆KUUN also cosplays the young doctor-to-be for the cover of his single for “I am Just Feeling Alive”, which as mentioned earlier is the OP song for the anime. However, he is just wearing doctor clothes for this one.


    The single for “I am Just Feeling Alive” will be released on 28 October 2015, and will include a second song titled “HELLO BABY.” Here’s the song’s full music video:

    Source: Music Natalie