• [ENTERTAINMENT] Namie Amuro and Hatsune Miku team up in a new music video

    Namie Amuro’s latest music video had been posted in her own official youtube channel, and it features her latest collaboration song with the one and only virtual diva herself, Hatsune Miku. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the music video for “Be Who I Want 2 B feat. Hatsune Miku.”

    The song is part of Namie Amuro’s _genic album, which was released last 10 June 2015. Both Miku and Namie Amuro were designed by Shigenori Soejima, who has worked  as the character designer in the Persona video game series.


    Soejima also designed the artwork for their recent spread in the cover of the November 2015 edition of the Japanese women’s fashion magazine, Nylon Japan.


    The song was released last June as part of Namie Amuro’s _genic album, and produced by British Underground scene producer, Sophie, who previously worked with Madonna for the song, “Bitch I’m Madonna.” She co-wrote the song with renowned Vocaloid producer, Mitchie M. The song is also done in collaboration with Crypton Future Media, which created Miku.

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