• [ANIME] These live-action Space Dandy ads are as weird as they can get!

    Just when you guys thought Space Dandy could not get any weirder, they made a live-action version of it… sort of.

    The anime is re-airing in Japan this month, getting shown once again on Niconico, and is getting a Blu-ray Box set this January, so there must be effort to promote it, right? Well, instead of reusing old footage again or reusing old PVs, why not do a live-action version instead, right?! A bit of a warning though, these videos are as weird as expected!

    That was one dangerous ride! What a plot twist! That wormhole is actually a… oh, wait, there’s another one.

    What a dandy guy! Space Dandy actually went to a picnic with Meow and QT! Ain’t that just the sweetest? And here I thought they would just go to Boobies again. I’m just wondering why QT and Meow are silent though. The Blu-ray box also has a much more normal, animated ad that is not weird.

    The Blu–ray box set is scheduled for release on 21 January 2016, and it will be sold for 18,000 yen.

    Source: ANN

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