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October 2015

[ANIME] Nisekoi OVA “Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan!!” New PV

Onodera returns as a magical girl (mahou shoujo) in a new Nisekoi OVA, and if you thought everything was crazy the last time, things are about to get even crazier as the latest magical girl, Yui-neechan, joins the fray. Oh, that and a new PV for the upcoming OVA, which includes the manga’s “Newlyweds” scenario, […]

[RANDOM] Evangelion Shinkansen to have life-size cockpit on board

Neon Genesis Evangelion and the JR West Sanyou Shinkansen line are celebrating their 20th and 40th anniversaries respectively this year. As the two will be launching their Shinkansen Evangelion Project together this 7 November, new details about the 500-type EVA train have been revealed. While the exterior of the train in inspired by Eva Unit 01, the interior of […]