• [DRAMA] First TV ad for the live-action Prison School series revealed

    Be prepared for more pain, more punishment, and more jail time this October as Akira Hiramoto’s popular ecchi manga series, Prison School, is being adapted into a live-action TV series. TBS, one of the two Japanese TV channels airing the live-action TV adaptation, is teasing fans further with a short teaser for the series, which takes a look at the harsh prison life the prison boys are subjected to.

    Just like the anime adaptation, this new live-action series will follow Akira Hiramoto’s manga, which is about the first five male students who have enrolled in the prestigious former all-girls school, Hachimitsu Academy. They are the only boys in school, however, they are about to learn that this high girl-to-boy ratio is anything but heavenly. Enter the Underground Student Council.


    This is certainly no “Prison of Love”… You can check out the cast of this live-action adaptation through this link:

    Because of the series’ graphic nature, which includes scenes of abuse, punishment, and nudity, the live-action Prison School series will be aired late at night in Japan. It is slated to premiere on 25 October 2015.

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