• [JFOOD] Pasela Resorts to serve Naruto's Ichiraku Ramen, honey toast, and more

    We all know that Naruto loves ramen, and Japanese karaoke and restaurant chain, Pasela Resorts, is dedicating a very special collaboration menu (that includes ramen) to the lovable ninja.

    Several selected Pasela Karaoke shops will feature a special menu which includes the Naruto Uzumaki Honey Toast, the Sasuke Uchiha Tomato Soup, the Kakashi Hatake Berry Soda, and the ramen every Naruto fan wants to eat, the Ichiraku Ramen! Pasela Karaoke started serving the items on their Naruto Menu last 14 August.

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    Meanwhile, three different Pasela Resorts restaurants are now featuring their own Naruto menu, however, each restaurant is offering a different Naruto collaboration menu from one other. The Roppongi and Ueno menus launched last 10 August, while the Osaka menu will launch on 27 August.



    Ueno Okachimachi

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    The karaoke collaboration and the restaurant collaboration menus will only be available for a limited time, which will only be until 27 September 2015.

    Source: Comic Natalie

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