• [MANGA] Mangaka Tsutomu Nihei: Knights of Sidonia headed towards its climax

    After seven years, Tsutomu Nihei’s bestselling and multi-award winning mecha science fiction manga, Knights of Sidonia, could be nearing its conclusion. The mangaka himself has recently announced that the manga is “headed towards its climax.”


    The announcement comes from a special book which comes with Kodansha’s Monthly Shounen Sirius magazine. There is no exact timetable on when the manga will exactly end, but it does seem that humanity’s struggle against the Gauna are nearing its end. So whether the manga will end this year, next year, or in 2 – 3 years is still anybody’s guess.


    The special book which contains the announcement also includes a collection of various one-shot Knights of Sidonia spin-off mangas, including what seems to be an idol spin-off titled “SDK48 Keikaku” (SDK48 Plan) by Koushirou Shimizu, and a spin-off manga by Princess Jellyfish mangaka, Akiko Higashimura, titled “Nihei-Sensei Gomennasai” (Sorry, Nihei-Sensei). Here are the spin-off titles included in the special book:

    • “Shippo” (Tail) by Yayoi Ogawa (Tramps Like Us, Kimi wa Pet, Ginban Kishi)
    • “Nihei-Sensei Gomennasai” (Sorry, Nihei-Sensei) by Akiko Higashimura (Princess Jellyfish, Kakukaku Shikajika)
    • “SDK48 Keikaku” (SDK48 Plan) by Koushirou Shimizu
    • “Ena no Kyouei” by Tatsuwo
    • “Morito Kyouka no Zen-Katachi” (All Forms of Gardes Strengthening) by Jyu Ishiguchi (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Re:)
    • “Kidou Morito Suruuchi” (Mobile Gardes Suruuchi) by Hiroaki Michiaki

    Sidonia no Kishi II

    The manga has been in serialization since 2009, and currently has 14 compiled volumes in print. It has also received two successful 3DCG anime adaptations and previously had a special compilation movie for the first season, which premiered in Japan last 6 March 2015.

    source: ANN

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