• [ENTERTAINMENT] Shoko Nakagawa dances with Pikachus to promote 'Pikachu Outbreak' event

    The dancing Pikachus are returning to Yokohama, and the city itself is bracing for yet another Pikachu invasion for the event many would come to know as “Pikachu Outbreak”. To promote their return, who better to dance with than the self-admitted Pokemon fan, Shoko Nakagawa?

    Shokotan is the co-host of the “Pokemon GET TV” show, and to promote the event, she got her game face on and got down with some dancing Pikachus along with the other hosts.

    Shokotan is not just a huge Pokefan. She has appeared several times in various episodes and movies as a guest character and even performed some of the theme songs. She’s also known for being a huge anime fans, with Love Live!, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Free!, just to name a few that she’s obsessed with.

    The multi-talented singer/ actress/ seiyuu/ cosplayer/ illustrator however, was not the only one promoting the return of Yokohama’s dancing Pikachus, as Japanese model, Nicole Fujita, danced alongside three of the cute electric mouse Pokemon.

    The Pokemon Company is even urging people to join with a new instruction video teaching fans how to dance the Pikachun dance!

    The Pikachu Outbreak will be held from 8 – 18 August 2015 and will take place in various areas around the city of Yokohama, with various Pokemon-related activities, including those dancing Pikachus which went viral last year.

    source: Pokemon Company

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