• [ANIME] Symphogear's cast and crew pick their personal favorites from the anime

    With the third season of Symphogear, Symphogear GX, making its premiere last 3 July, the anime’s official website has asked its staff and cast to pick their favorite moments from the anime’s previous seasons. Here are their picks:

    The Seiyuus

    Aoi Yuuki (voices Hibiki Tachibana in the anime): Season 1 Episode 13

    Nana Mizuki (voices Tsubasa Kazanari in the anime): Season 1 Episode 12

    Ayahi Takagaki  (Voices Chris Yukine in the anime): Symphogear G Episode 4

    Yoko Hikasa (Voices Maria Cadenzavna Eve in the anime): Symphogear G Episode 13

    Yoshino Nanjou (Voices Shirabe Tsukuyomi in the anime): Symphogear G Episode 12

    Ai Kayano (Voices Kirika Akatsuki in the anime): Symphogear G Episode 4

    Yuka Iguchi (Voices Miku Kohinata in the anime): Symphogear G Episode 10

    Hideo Ishikawa (Voices Genjuurou Kazanari in the anime): Season 1 Episode 11

    Souichirou Hoshii (Voices Shinji Ogawa in the anime): Season 1 Episode 9

    The Staff

    Noriyasu Agematsu (Co-creator, theme song producer ): Season 1 Episode 12

    Akifumi Kaneko (Co-creator/writer ): Symphogear G Blu-Ray/ DVD bonus materials 5 and 6

    Katsumi Ono (Series director): Symphogear G Episode 8

    Dan Yoshii (Character designer): Symphogear G Episode 4

    Satoru Fujimoto (character designer/chief animation director): Season 1 Episode 10

    Fumiaki Kouta (action director):  Season 1 Episode 13

    Yukiyoshi Shikiji (animator): Symphogear G transformation sequence

    Now those are some pretty great picks! What do you guys think? What are your own personal favorite Symphogear moments?


    Symphogear GX premiered in Japan last 3 July 2015 and picks up where the second season, Symphogear G, left off.

    Source: Crunchyroll

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