• [SEIYUU] Nana Mizuki shows us how to eat unagi (eel)

    Summer has finally started in Japan, and this also means that eel season has begun as well. Now, there are plenty of ways to eat eel, which is called Unagi in Japan. One of the most popular ways to eat it is grilled and served with hot and steaming rice. However, eating that is a bit complicated, so Japanese Donburi restaurant chain, Nakau, has gotten the help of their newest image girl, Nana Mizuki, to show us how to properly eat unagi


    Now doesn’t that make you hungry? According to the seiyuu who is best known for voicing Cross Ange’s Ange, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Fate, and Naruto’s Hinata, there are three ways to eat grilled unagi:

    1. Eating it by itself
    2. With toppings
    3. With rice, dashi, and toppings


    Nakau is selling these unagi meals as sets with the complete set (with side dishes and dashi) being sold for 890 yen. A stand-alone meal with unagi and rice costs 790 yen while a two-piece unagi set costs 1,190 yen.

    As part of her duties as the Nakaun image girl, Nana Mizuki will also be voicing their ticket machines as well as the restaurant chain’s theme song, which will be revealed on a later date.


    source: Ota-suke

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