• [ANIME] Love Live! School Idol Movie premieres in Japan

    13 June marked the premiere of one of the most awaited animated movies in Japan, and of course, it’s the much-talked about Love Live! School Idol Movie


    And given Love Live!’s popularity, it is expected that the fans would come in droves, and as expected, a lot of them came to theaters all over Japan, and long lines were seen right outside several cinemas. Here’s the scene from a theater in Nagoya according to twitter user, @ Madoka_love0829

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    And here’s the scene from outside Sunshine City in Ikebukuro according to @ kakun1001


    And since there was lots of people, some trouble brewed in Sunshine Cinema as some policemen were seen talking to a few people in line after an incident according to @ masacy0507


    Fans of all ages have been seen camping out or waiting in line just to see the movie, and one of the youngest fans seem to be of middle school age

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    kaztsu meanwhile reports that 150 people have waited all night just to be one of the first people to watch the Love Live! School Idol Movie over at TOHO Cinema


    Here’s the scene over at TOHO Cinemas Shibuya, according to liver_shun


    Long lines are also present in Kumamoto according to @ yuru0p0


    And here’s Hiroshima (from @ Hearts0249)


    This is the Love Live! premiere over at Lalaport Fujimi (from Attoaisamochi_mm)


    Meanwhile inside, some theaters offered up some limited edition popcorn, because what movie is complete without popcorn, right?


    In our previous article, it was revealed that the movie will be shown all over the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Thailand, and all these countries have very solid Love Live! fan bases, so be sure that the lines for this movie will be long too!

    source: Yaraon!

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      “: [ANIME] Love Live! School Idol Movie premieres in Japan –” oh my god

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