• Hige’s Akiba (アキバのヒゲ) – 8/04/2015

    Good evening! Its the 8th of April, a Wednesday! Normally I would enjoy mine but Gundam Build Fighters Try has ended so I’m a little less happy on Wednesdays now. At least there’s Gintama in exchange! Anyways, here’s whats interesting around Akihabara today. Even on a cold wet day, nothing stops new CDs from releasing! And this person in particular has been an AFA guest for quite a few years already! Here’s the display from Akihabara Gamers.


    This is Suzuko Mimori’s 2nd Album, Fantastic Funfair! This album will consist of 11 tracks, and for the DVD and Blu-Ray versions, 4 videos. 3 of them will be music videos for Seippai, Tsutaetai!, Heart Collection and Wonderland Love and the last will be footage from P’s LIVE 01. The DVD and Blu-Ray versions comes with a Photobook as well. I personally know quite a number of Mimorin fans who will be getting this. Will you guys be getting Fantastic Funfair too? Here’s another image showing her costume from the cover, its really pretty!


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