• [EVENT] Doujin Market – Doujima Post-Event Review!


    The third instalment of Doujima was held at The Treetop at *SCAPE from 25 to 26 April 2015, and it was definitely a lively and vibrant event which captured the hearts of its visitors.

    Doujin Market, more commonly known as Doujima, is held twice a year and has been running since April 2014. Doujima is an event specially dedicated to showcasing artist’s works, be it fan-art or original pieces. The event has certainly grown much bigger than before, with over 30 circles exhibiting their art this time round.

    If you have not heard of the term “Doujin” before, it simply refers to self-published works, often by artists passionate about their craft. At Doujima, merchandise commonly exhibited included can badges, acrylic keychains, prints, posters and more.


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    The crowd was strong even right after doors opened at 11am on the first day, and visitors could still be seen going on a last-minute shopping spree for goods close to the official ending time at 6pm.

    Here is a list of circles that participated this time round:


    1. Citru5
    2. Alchemaniac
    3. Alchemic Alice and Autumnal Waterfall
    4. TOHO Hijack!! & 2/5
    5. ShiroNiji
    6. Karakuri Ink
    7. ChoCoronet
    8. Rolling Bunnies
    9. Band of Busy People
    10. To Be Continued
    11. Doodl3Werks
    12. Twin Rabbits
    13. KotatsuCats
    14. Boocurry x Art Mage x Muusha
    15. ice*berry
    16. W.C?
    17. Aeriim x Chuinny x Siezelle
    18. The Rainbow Sheep Club
    19. Unheard & Unsound
    20. Marshmerros
    21. 12LEMON
    22. DatWorks
    23. Revolutionary Happy System
    24. Lim Sera
    25. FPS x Squash
    26. CGlas Artworks
    27. Salty Tiramisu
    28. Cirque de Blanc
    29. Crisis Circle
    30. soXart
    31. Chikoku Toast
    32. Reso7
    33. SO BEAT!
    34. NUSCAS

    There were also several workshops conducted throughout the weekend. Held by renowned artists from circles like Collateral Damage Studios and Daiyaku, they covered a wide range of topics like graphic design and content marketing.

    One series that stood out in particular was Touken Ranbu, a popular online game featuring bishounen personifications of historical Japanese swords. Touken Ranbu merchandise could be seen at almost every circle, and some cosplayers could even be seen showing off their Toudan, or “Sword Boy” cosplay at the event.

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    There was definitely something for everyone at Doujima. Be it the exhibitors who were displaying their works and greeting fans with great enthusiasm, or visitors who were busy fan-girling/fan-boying over their merchandise, I am sure that everyone did indeed have an enjoyable time at Doujima.

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