• [ANIME] Pacific Racing unveils their Girls und Panzer drift car

    Japanese car racing team, Pacific Racing, is famous for their anime-themed race cars, and as part of their ongoing collaboration with Girls und Panzer, they have now revealed what their Girls und Panzer car will be looking like as it enters the D-1 Grand Prix


    The car sports a slight army theme, and features not only the Oarai School logo, but also the Angler Fish Team logo. And speaking of the Angler Fish Team, they are also present in the car as race queens!

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    The Girls und Panzer drift car, which is based on a Nissan Silvia S14, will be making its debut when the D-1 drifting circuit’s new season begins this 18 April 2015 in Odaiba. It will be making its debut along with Pacific Racing’s other drift car for the D-1 series, which features the school idols of Love Live!

    Personal sponsors for the Garupan drift car can get some sponsor goodies from Pacific Racing. These “War Memorial” packs range from 4,000 – 15,000 yen, and the pack you receive depends on how much money you donated for the sponsorship.

    “War Memorial” pack (4,000 yen) – Sticker, ID card, mobile case


    “War Cry” pack (10,000 yen) – Sticker, ID card, mobile case, Girls und Panzer tote bag


    “Intense War Cry” pack (15,000 yen) – Sticker, ID card, mobile case, Girls und Panzer tote bag, T-shirt, and towel


    Pacific Racing is also participating in the Super GT race series and will be featuring a Love Live! race car

    source: Girls und Panzer official

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