• [LOOT] K-On!! Limited edition Blu-rays came with life-size Yui cloth posters

    The much-awaited first volume Blu-ray editions for K-On!!’s second season have finally been released, and the limited edition Blu-rays came with something very special which would make every K-On! fan very happy – a life-size cloth poster featuring the main guitarist and vocalist of Houkago Tea Time (HTT), Yui Hirasawa.


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    These Life-size cloth posters are also called “multi-cloth” because not only can they be used as posters, but also as bed covers, blankets, and curtains. As you can see, this life-size cloth poster of Yui is huge and can take a whole lot of space. Here it is being used as a curtain


    The limited edition pack not only came with Yui herself, but several new cast and staff commentaries have been added. Volume 2 meanwhile will come with Muginami.


    The other limited edition Blu-ray volumes will also come with their own life-size cloth poster, which will feature one character from the series. Season 2’s Blu-ray Limited Ed. Vol. 3 will come with Ritsu while volume 4 will come with Azusa’s friend, Jun Suzuki. Volume 5 meanwhile will feature Mio in a school swimsuit.

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    You can even put them together to make a much larger cloth poster!


    Source: 0takomu

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    • Furry Nekomimi March 26, 2015 at 5:39 pm

      I thought life sized “clothes” were included with the Blu-Ray. lol. It’s just the poster.