• [ANISONG] Nana Mizuki Live Adventure 2015 Announced!


    Nana Mizuki has recently announced her next live tour which will be happening during July this year. It will be happening in 11 prefectures and a total of 14 concerts. The live tour includes new appearances in prefectures like Shiga and Tokushima prefectures. Fans are excited to see that the live tour has expanded to “unconquered” prefectures and it will one day, cover Japan.

    Dates and venues for each stop of her concert tour are:

    04 July 2015 : Ehime Prefecture, Himegin Hall
    11 July 2015 : Osaka Prefecture, Osaka-Jo Hall
    12 July 2015 : Osaka Prefecture, Osaka-Jo Hall
    25 July 2015 : Shizuoka Prefecture, Ecopa Arena
    01 Aug 2015 : Miyagi Prefecture, Xebio Arena Sendai
    02 Aug 2015 : Miyagi Prefecture, Xebio Arena Sendai
    08 Aug 2015 : Fukuoka Prefecture, Kita-kyushu Media Dome
    15 Aug 2015 : Aichi Prefecture, Nippon Gaishi Hall
    16 Aug 2015 : Aichi Prefecture, Nippon Gaishi Hall
    22 Aug 2015 : Yamaguchi Prefecture, Shuunan Cultural Centre
    23 Aug 2015 : Shiga Prefecture, Biwako Hall
    05 Sept 2015 : Tottori Prefecture, Torigin Cultural Centre
    12 Sept 2015 : Tokushima Prefecture, Asty Tokushima
    19 Sept 2015 : Saitama Prefecture, Seibu Prince Dome

    As this is the start of the Japan live tour, overseas fans can now look forward to future news of an overseas live tour.

    Nana Mizuki has performed at “Anime Festival Asia I Love Anisong Concert 2013” together with T.M. Revolution, bringing to you “Kakumei Dualism” and “Preserved Roses” from “Valvrave the liberator”. Nana Mizuki also brought her Live Flight 2014 tour to Singapore and Taiwan.

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    • Johanes Kevin March 18, 2015 at 11:55 am

      She needs to perform solo at AFA anisong stage!!!