• Bandai’s new Neko Busou toyline features cats armed to the teeth, and they’re adorable

    Japan has given us plenty of weird toys and figures, and figure giant, Bandai, is giving us another one. They’ve recently launched a new line of cat figures which they call “Neko Busou,” which means “Armed Cats”. They feature normal-looking cat figures with a twist – they’re armed to the teeth. From guns to bazookas to crane arms to missile launchers, they can certainly put most real-life armies to shame.

    The one above is the Neko Busou Tenkomori, and Bandai will release it this August for 1,500 yen. It comes with a jacket, tank treads, canons, missile launchers, and even a flight pack. They also have a set of four cats, which costs 4,320 yen. Tenkomori comes with all the armors, while the 4-pack set comes with four cats with each of the armors. They can also be combined to form a more monstrous cat machine.

    Freelance modeler Kazuya Fukuda designed these figures, and all cats are pre-painted. All armors have 3mm joints and can be connected to each other freely. And of course, these figures also require a bit of assembly as well.

    source: Bandai Hobby official

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