• Kantai Collection’s summer 2016 event has just ended, and with several admirals now having their own British Battleship named Warspite, it’s now time for a festival! Japan’s festival season has now begun, and KanColle is going with that theme, together with new festival-themed costumes and furniture. These are the ship girls getting new yukata or festival CGs:

    Destroyer Bucky Fubuki

    DD_Fubuki_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full DD_Fubuki_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Fubuki Kai Ni

    DD_Fubuki_Kai_Ni_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full DD_Fubuki_Kai_Ni_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Asashimo

    DD_Asashimo_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full DD_Asashimo_Akimatsuri_Happi_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Akizuki

    DD_Akizuki_Yukata_Full DD_Akizuki_Yukata_Full_Damaged

    Destroyer Shiratsuyu

    DD_Shiratsuyu_Yukata_Full DD_Shiratsuyu_Yukata_Full_Damaged

    Light Cruiser Yura

    CL_Yura_Yukata_Full CL_Yura_Yukata_Full_Damaged

    Now, wouldn’t it be interesting if we see some of the foreign ships like Iowa, Prinz Eugen, Aquila, and Warspite getting a Japanese festival costume, huh? There’s also a new CG update for the Kai form one of KanColle’s starter ships, Sazanami.

    DD_Sazanami_Kai_232_Full DD_Sazanami_Kai_232_Full_Damaged

    The new update also brings forth new quests, furniture, and equipment CGs. Here’s how my festive new Admiral’s Office with a few of the new festival additions.

    [Leonidas] 2016-09-05 08-57-43 94

    Dammit Bucky! Well, at least they didn’t forget you “watch”/anti-air fire director anymore.

    images via KanColle Wikia