• Tsundere Godzilla?! Evangelion’s Asuka gets turned into the King of Monsters

    Godzilla is back and scarier than ever before with a new movie called Godzilla: Resurgence. Evangelion director, Hideaki Anno is one of the two men directing the film, and this has also resulted in the movie getting its fair share of Eva crossovers. Now, this latest one gives the King of Monsters one massively tsundere make-over, as Asuka gets turned into Godzilla!


    Godzilla Asuka will be featured in plenty of crossover merchandise to promote the new film, and they include:

    T-Shirt (September release): 4,212 yen


    sticker set – 864 yen


    Charm – 1,482 yen


    Acrylic Stand (18cm)- 1,944yen


    Those puny humans are in trouble now! And here I am just wondering how Asuka sounds like when she does that iconic Godzilla roar… hopefully it won’t sound like “Baka Shinji!”

    Source: Surprise NEXT