• [LOOT] Tiger and Bunny Inspire New Official Wristwatches

    The lovable hero duo from Tiger and Bunny, which comprises of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/ Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. are known for their style, and these lovable heroes have inspired a couple of stylish new watches which match them quite perfectly.

    The Kotetsu T. Kaburagi version of the watch comes with both a cowhide leather strap for that more formal look, and a white-and-green Polyester strap, to both match Wild Tiger’s colors, as well as getting that casual look. It also comes with its own stylish display case.

    kotetsu kotetsu2 kotetsu3

    On the other hand, the Barnaby Brooks Jr. version has the same accessories as Kotetsu’s, however, his polyester strap is red and white, and his display case is red.

    barnaby barnaby2 barnaby3

    These watches are sold separately, and each one costs 14,800 yen. They are slated for release sometime in September 2017, and are distributed by Premium Bandai (P-Bandai).

    Source: ANN

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