• [LOOT] Life-size dakimakura of Monster Musume's Miia is 7 meters Long


    Okayodo’s Monster Musume is not only a New York Times bestselling manga series, but it is also one of this summer’s most popular anime. For this summer’s edition of Comic Market, Comiket 88, the Tokuma Shouten booth will be offering up a very special dakimakura (body pillow/ hugging pillow) for all you lamia monster girl fans out there, but it certainly won’t come cheap!


    At 7 meters in length, this new limited edition Miia the Lamia dakimakura will be sold at the Tokuma Shouten booth for a whopping 100,000 yen. More than three to four times the size of a normal dakimakura, its price tag certainly matches its scale. To make this dakimakura even more special, this was illustrated by Monster Musume mangaka Okayado himself.

    The Tokuma Shouten booth will also be selling the following items in their booth:

    Monster Musume keychain set: 5,000 yen


    Monster Musume sets (book cover, mouse pad, acrylic board, badges, and one coaster): 5,000 yen each

    Papi and Suu


    Miia and Mero


    Centorea and Rachnera


    T-shirts: 4,000 yen each

    Miia Roll Me!


    Rachnera Catch Me


    B-2 size tapestries, sold separately: 3,000 yen each


    Miia, Papi, and Centorea bath time set: 2,000 yen


    They are sold over at Booth no. 212 in the Tokyo Big Sight’s west side’s 4th floor company booth area during Comiket 88, which will be held for three days, from 14 – 16 August 2015.

    Source: MonMusu official

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