• [GAMES] Two new Italian battleships and new aircraft carrier, destroyer, and Seaplane Tender join KanColle

    Thanks to a new update on 28 April, it’s finally time for a new event for the mega-popular PC browser game, Kantai Collection. For the very first time, they are adding ships from the World War II axis power, Italy!

    These new Italian ships are the Fast Battleships (FBB), Roma and Littorio, with Littorio being renamed Italia after her upgrade. Both ships are from the Vittorio Veneto and as mentioned earlier, are the first Italian fleet girls introduced in the game. Littorio can be obtained by clearing the boss node on E-4.



    Italia (after Littorio gets remodeled)




    The game will also include the Unryuu-class aircraft carrier, Katsuragi, who players can obtain by clearing the boss node on E-2.



    Katsuragi Kai (remodel)

    Katsuragi Kai

    The latest Destroyer to join the game is the Yuugumo Class Destroyer, Takanami. She is a boss drop on E-3.


    Finally, the final ship to join the game with this new Spring 2015 event is Akitsushima, a sea plane tender, who is armed with a new Type 2 Large-sized Flying Boat.


    The game also adds several new enemy Abyssal ships which are a real trouble for some players out there. Both new enemy vessels are aviation battleships (BBV), which not only pack a punch with their main guns, but are also able to launch planes.

    Harbour Water Demon


    Anchorage Water Demon

    Anchorage Water Demon

    Anchorage Water Demon (final form)

    Anchorage Water Demon final

    The game already features five German battleships, and with the addition of the two Italian battleships, they now have seven ships from Europe, however, they are all from Axis countries. The only ship from an allied country in the game is Verniy (Верный) from the Soviet Union, but she was formerly the Imperial Japanese destroyer, Hibiki, the only survivor of LOLI Destroyer Division 6.

    source: KanColle Wikia