• [JFOOD] HANA TO YUME Comics to Hold Event at NAMJATOWN

    If you happen to find yourself in Tokyo this spring, and are a fan of shoujo comic publisher HANA TO YUME, then we have exciting news for you! To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of HANA TO YUME, there is a special HANA TO YUME cafe currently running in Ikebukuro’s Namjatown!

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    The special collaboration event started last 7th March and will run until the 5th of April 2015. The cafe features twelve special entrees and desserts patterned after some of HANA TO YUME’s biggest titles — including Fruits Basket, Koucha Ouji, Gakuen Alice, and many more.

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Lovely Pukkyu Sandwich with Gyoza]
    Pan fried gyoza sandwiched in a rich butter roll, accompanied by tomato-flavored mashed potatoes.
    JPY 780

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Bear & Giant Chick Combo]
    A Mr. Bear dumpling and a Giant Chick mashed potato ball, served in a mini bowl.
    JPY 580

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Tooru and Kyo’s Fruits Basket]
    Kyo’s adorable cat form peeks out of a fruit-filled tart, accompanied by Tooru’s favorite strawberry shortcake.
    JPY 780

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Angel Wing Ice Cream Parfait]
    Angel wings and rose thorns rendered in chocolate, with the manga’s lead characters Setsuna, Alexiel, and Jibril represented as vanilla, black sesame, and blueberry milk ice cream.
    JPY 800

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [The Tea Prince’s Magical Pancake Set]
    Tiny star-shaped crepes and sugar pearls make this pancake set sparkle and shine.
    JPY 750

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Minoru’s Favorite! Teddy Bear Rice and Gyoza Plate]
    Chicken rice pilaf in the shape of a teddy bear, a mini hamburger steak, and potato dumplings, decorated with a flag.
    JPY 750

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Ruri’s Honeymoon Dumplings]
    Dumplings shaped like small parcels in three colors to represent lead characters Ruri, Takaakira, and Takao.
    JPY 650

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    Mariko’s Homemade Dumpling Gratin and Mini Oden Set
    Mariko’s special homemade stadium-style dumpling-flled gratin and mini oden.
    JPY 760

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Patariro Cockrobin Dumplings]
    A brillian combination of shrimp, leek, and potatoes in a juicy dumpling.
    JPY 830

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Fallen Angle Kurama’s Famous Hell Dumplings]
    A little sweet, a little sour, and very naughty.
    JPY 780

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Mizuki’s White Snake and Holy Wine Gelato]
    Vanilla, milk, and green tea gelato topped with a white cholocate snake and holy wine bottle.
    JPY 780

    Image by HAKUSENSHA.

    [Nanase and Tomoe’s Crepe]
    Freshly made chocolate and cheesecake made in the image of Nanase and Tomoe, respectively. A torii-shaped chocolate topping completes the crepe.
    JPY 780

    Aside from serving scrumptious treats to shoujo manga fans, the event will also play host to a HANA TO YUME Museum and HANA TO YUME Goods Shop (featuring special items available only at the pop-up store). Let’s celebrate forty years of laughter and romance — see you at the HANA TO YUME X NAMJATOWN event very soon!

    Official Website: HANA TO YUME X NAMJATOWN